SENATOR IMEE MARCOS STATEMENT Re: The rise of community pantries amid the lack of ‘ayuda’

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Proof that we Filipinos can stand on our own two feet amid the pandemic, that we can fight hunger and the pandemic in any way we can for our families.

The emergence of community pantries is also proof that “Bayanihan” is very much alive, though it also mirrors the lack of government aid. The exclusion of many from the DSWD’s flawed list has caused confusion and disorder. We can only hope that government aid is better organized, expedited, and most of all augmented for families hit by the disease and that have lost their livelihood. Let’s go all out to help our fellowmen!

We are rolling out #ImeeKadiwa in different poor communities to offer cheaper, discounted prices on food and other “essentials.”

I am also giving out #IMEEmalunggay to those with some space for planting even in garden pots, the nutritious moringa oleifera – when grown in quantity, malunggay powder and oil can be extracted to provide a livelihood for mothers.

We also have #IMEEtrabaho that offers thousands of jobs for janitors to professionals in various companies.

Let’s not lose hope. Community pantry or whatever form of bayanihan, each of us has an #IMEEsolusyon to fight the pandemic!