Sen. Imee R. Marcos’ statement on the latest NPA attack in Jipapad, Eastern Samar

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We strongly condemn the ambush that happened in Jipapad, Eastern Samar on October 7, 2022 which resulted in the killing of two military men — SSg John Claire Q. Flores and PFC Edupancho R. Siscar — and the wounding of two others — SSg Allan E. Talania and PFC Lomark N. Mengote.

Caught in the crossfire was a 10-year-old child, Princess Norcio, who is confined at the Eastern Samar Provincial Hospital in Borongan City.

This incident should not bring back a time when residents of Samar were afraid of traveling within the province for fear of the dangers that lurked in the countryside.

Our authorities must redouble their efforts to ensure the safety and security of our people, especially those who need more assistance and attention, like the three Samar provinces.