Sen. Imee Marcos cites case on Israel’s statehood

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“It is not yet final.”

Thus said Senator Imee R. Marcos on Thursday, pointing out that a United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) resolution calling for a human rights review of the Philippines can still be reversed.

“There is no UN rule that stops UNHRC member states from changing their original votes that led to the July 12 resolution,” Marcos said.

“History shows it has been done before and involving a very profound issue. Israel is today a globally recognized state because of vote changes on a UN resolution legitimizing Israel’s statehood, thanks to lobbying by United Regions diplomats in Israel’s favor,” Marcos explained.

“Our country’s top diplomat can demand of any foreign ambassador based here to explain their country’s vote in favor of the controversial UN resolution initiated by Iceland,” Marcos added. “From there, an amicable and mutually beneficial decision may be reached.”

“The Philippines can also negotiate with European Union states that are non-members of the UNHRC to speak with EU members who voted,” Marcos also said.

Senator Marcos insisted that diplomatic ties with Iceland should be cut because “it had no reason to antagonize the Philippines.”

“Whatever political agenda Iceland has because of its floundering balance of trade, the resolution it sponsored to review allegations of human rights abuse in the Philippines is sheer hypocrisy,” Marcos said.

“Let me say it once again: Legalized abortion up to 22 weeks into a pregnancy in Iceland is a state-sponsored human rights violation against defenseless, unborn children,” Marcos said.