Religious leader: We need Marcoses in gov’t

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“Who else would continue the legacy of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos (FEM)? It would be his children. We need the Marcoses in the government to realize their father’s dreams,” remarked Pastor Severino Carug, regional chaplain of the National Auxiliary Chaplaincy of the Philippines (NACPHIL).

NACPHIL is a non-government organization (NGO) that conducts seminars and training for chaplaincy among religious and government leaders.

Attending the “Timpuyog dagiti Babbalasang idi Kalman” last June 2 in Bayombong, Nueva Viscaya, Carug, reaffirmed his support for FEM’s children in government: Ilocos Norte Governor Imee R. Marcos and former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr.

“Governor Imee is very compassionate. She says ‘I love you’ to all the elderly. I also hope Bongbong wins in his electoral protest and will be proclaimed Vice President.”

Born in 1958, Pastor Carug recalled that martial law had been declared in 1972 to prevent communism from overthrowing the Philippine government.

“A lot of doctrines were coming to the Philippines at that time, one of which was communism. The best thing that happened when martial law was declared was that communism did not foster, unlike in other neighboring countries.

“Even if the Philippines was under martial law, FEM continued building infrastructures, like the heart and lung center, among others,” he added.

The Philippine Heart Center and Lung Center of the Philippines were respectively established in 1975 and 1981, and are still operating today.

Pastor Carug stressed the failure of FEM’s successors to the presidency in addressing issues such as poverty, corruption, criminality, illegal drugs, and healthcare.

“After 30 years and five (5) presidents, our country has returned to the wilderness.”

However, he is hopeful about the present administration of Rodrigo R. Duterte, saying, “We really need a new form of government; a new season, a new beginning—and it will come soon.

“I am sure that if she [Governor Marcos] assumes higher office, she will help our country, especially those who are really in need, just like her father,” he ended.