Marcos On Sona’s Anti-Poverty Target: “Keri Yan!”

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Senator Imee R. Marcos said Friday that the government’s aim to reduce poverty to 14% is doable, recalling how Ilocos Norte cut the number of its poor from 23% to only 7% of its population when she was governor.

“Keri yan!,” Marcos said. “As long as attention is given to agricultural production, rural development, and land reform because 60% of the country’s poor is in the agriculture sector, with 40% located in Mindanao.”

“I hope a new agriculture secretary is named soon,” Marcos added, “to immediately address plunging rice farmgate prices and stagnant rice consumer prices that should be going down because of cheaper rice imports.”

The senator also said that social protection must also be addressed, with a review of the 4P’s program and the proper funding of SSS and Philhealth.

“There is no one-size-fits-all solution to poverty,” Marcos explained. “It will take focus and hard work, a macro-view of how government programs are interlinked, legislative support, and disaster anticipation and preparation amid the unpredictable El Nino and typhoon season.”