Marcos: AFP, PNP In Schools Will Prove NPAs Right

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Senator Imee R. Marcos has called on the government to hold back from deploying the military and police in schools marked as hotspots of student recruitment into anti-government groups.

“Please, let’s not invade the schools and prove those NPA recruiters right,” Marcos said.

Turning schools into “virtual garrisons” would only attract students to anti-government groups like the New People’s Army, she explained.

Marcos proposed that students be encouraged instead to participate in government programs by organizing Sangguniang Kabataan youth chapters with the support of the National Youth Commission.

“Allow students to organize freely. It’s the only way they can develop their convictions and sense of right and wrong,” Marcos said.

The senator earlier opposed the call among military and police supporters to revive the Anti-Subversion Act of 1957 that makes mere membership in the Communist Party of the Philippines – New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) a crime.

Instead, Marcos has proposed to strengthen the Human Security Act of 2007 via Senate Bill 630, saying that the bill will punish rebellion and insurrection as terrorist acts “without discriminating against ideology, religion, or politics.”