#ImeeKadiwa: A cost-cutting comeback

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With static rice prices despite the flood of cheap imports, or sudden spikes in the cost of vegetables due to climate change, isn’t a mass-based system of selling basic goods at stable prices long overdue?

Taking off from their success in her home province of Ilocos Norte, the #ImeeKadiwa rolling stores will launch this weekend in Metro Manila’s urban poor centers.

The stores revive an idea-turned-institution conceived by Senator Imee R. Marcos’s late father, President Ferdinand E. Marcos, to stabilize the prices of basic goods for lower-income families amid the global oil and energy crises in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Not only basic food items and cooking ingredients are on offer through the #ImeeKadiwa stores, which aim to expand the inventory of lower-cost merchandise to other items as school supplies.

Senator Imee R. Marcos plans to involve the Department of Trade and Industry and other government agencies, as well as more local government officials, to make the Kadiwa system a reliable fixture once more in the everyday lives of ordinary Filipinos.

For now, the #ImeeKadiwa stores assure the public of affordable goods with the participation of Puregold, known for its budget-conscious price points compared to most supermarkets.

From Batasan Hills in Quezon City this Saturday, the #ImeeKadiwa stores will roll on to Dagat-dagatan in Caloocan City on Sunday and Smokey Mountain in Manila the next day.