Imee: ‘Vox Populi, Vox Dei’ Could Be Loudest In 2022

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With voter registration sure to be extended to October 31, Senator Imee Marcos has expressed optimism that the number of voters in the 2022 elections could be the highest the country has ever seen despite the pandemic.

Marcos, who chairs the Senate committee on electoral reforms and people’s participation, lauded the swift action that the Comelec is taking to pass a resolution by Wednesday that will override the original deadline for voter registration due the next day.

“The more voters, the louder the voice of the people and of God in next year’s elections. Director Elnas (Teopisto Jr.) has confirmed that the commissioners en banc will get the resolution done tomorrow,” Marcos said.

More than 61 million new and returning voters have already registered, as of August, compared to the 61,843,771 who cast their votes in the 2019 national and local elections.

Due to time and logistical constraints compounded by the pandemic, the Comelec had hesitated to extend the voter registration period until the Senate approved a bill for that purpose on Tuesday.

Would-be voters continue to flock even before sunrise to Comelec’s satellite centers where limited daily slots for registration are being offered, in keeping with health and safety protocols.