Imee Slams Dti Plan To Import Rice For Fastfood Chains

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Senator Imee Marcos has denounced the plan of the Philippine International Trading Corporation to import rice in behalf of local fastfood chains, grocery stores, and small supermarkets.

Marcos expressed dismay that a government-owned corporation under the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) would prioritize imports over local produce when rice farmers nationwide have been selling their harvest at depressed prices or even at a loss.

“The announcement of Secretary (Ramon) Lopez is insensitive and ill-timed. Cheaper imported rice is not worth a breakdown in the livelihood of Filipino rice farmers,” Marcos said.

The DTI chief announced the plan to import rice for select businesses at an international rice conference in Makati earlier this week and also said that as many as 300 containers could be shipped to the country in the next few months.

“Where is our conscience and what got into the heads of these businessmen who choose foreign goods over our very own at a time of crisis?” Marcos asked.

“Have pity on our rice farmers who could hardly make a living. Just drop it!” Marcos fumed.