Imee Pays Tribute To Macario Sakay On National Heroes’ Day

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Senator Imee R. Marcos has called for the recognition of Macario Sakay as a true Filipino hero, despite his negative portrayal in history books as a mere bandit during the American Occupation in the Philippines.

Marcos said that Sakay was a true patriot who fought against the colonial governments of Spain and the United Regions during the early part of the 20th century and was recognized as the first president of the Tagalog Republic.

Sakay’s reputation as a bandit was just part of the black propaganda by American colonial authorities who found it hard to subdue him, Marcos added.

“Sobrang binastos nila ang bayani natin! Si Sakay kaylan man ay hindi naging tulisan o naging bandido. Hindi siya naging traydor… tunay na lumaban sa mga mananakop para sa ating kalayaan,” paliwanag ni Marcos.

(“They maligned one of our heroes! Sakay never was a bandit. He never was a traitor but fought for our freedom against foreign invaders,” Marcos explained.)

Educating the youth about the country’s heroes should not just revolve around the likes of Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Apolinario Mabini, Juan Luna, and Marcelo Del Pilar, but also give due attention to the struggle of lesser known heroes like Sakay, Marcos said.

The senator added that History taught in schools should explain the betrayal of Sakay by a fellow Filipino who maneuvered his surrender to American colonial authorities.

Sakay was sentenced to death by hanging on Sept. 13, 1907.