Imee: “Double Standard” In Gov’t Pandemic Control

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Senator Imee Marcos has called out the “double standard” in enforcing pandemic control measures, after the government allowed state employees to skip testing and quarantines in local government units (LGUs) where they arrive on official business.

Marcos said the special treatment of government employees by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) will make it more difficult for LGUs to control the spread of Covid-19 and discourage the cooperation of the general public.

“This is outrageous and dangerous. Why should anyone, least of all government employees who should be exemplars, be exempted from quarantine and health protocols?” Marcos said.

“It defies logic, to say the least. Exempting government officials and employees from testing and quarantines ‘in the line of duty’ won’t sit well with ordinary people,” Marcos added.

“Kailangan magpahinga rin ang IATF, matulog at magrelax. Nakaka- burnout trabaho niyo (The IATF also needs to take time off to get enough sleep and relax. Your work makes you prone to a burnout.),” the senator also said.

Marcos urged the IATF to abide by its rallying cry to “test, trace and treat” while the government’s vaccination program could not yet begin on a large scale, citing the uncertainty of global vaccine supply.

“Vaccine manufacturers have been falling short of their promised production output, forcing the European Union to consider export controls. Countries where pharmaceutical firms have made commitments to the Philippine government will want to ensure the health and safety of their citizens first,” Marcos warned.

Marcos also cited the latest medical findings in Western countries where those who have already received Covid-19 vaccines still got infected.

“The LGUs know best the situation on the ground. The testing and quarantine protocols that each LGU has put in place should be respected,” Marcos said.