Imee: Check Water Station Price And Sanitary Standards

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Senator Imee Marcos urged the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to investigate if water refilling stations are complying with standard retail prices (SRPs) and observing prescribed sanitary procedures to ensure safe drinking water amid the threat of Covid-19.

Marcos said that the price range of 25 to 35 pesos for a five-gallon container of purified water, with or without a spigot, was too wide.

“Demand for purified drinking water has gone up during the pandemic, but why is there a huge difference in prices among water refilling stations for the same product?” Marcos asked.

Marcos said the DTI must see to it that SRPs are being enforced to prevent profiteers from taking advantage of the public.

Monthly bacteriology water examinations should also be conducted and the posting of sanitary permits at water refilling stations must be checked, Marcos added.

“Besides the huge variance in prices, customers have also been complaining about water containers that did not seem to have been washed thoroughly. Employees should undergo a seminar and get proper training on sanitary procedures,” Marcos emphasized.

Water station employees must wear the proper working garments including protective full-body gear, hair nets, face masks, and aprons, Marcos added.

“Regular inspections are a must, right down to the water filters being used. Let’s not underestimate the importance of clean drinking water to public health,” Marcos said.