Imee Calls Out Steep Rise In Egg, Chicken Retail Prices

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Senator Imee Marcos has called out the steep rise in egg and chicken prices in Metro Manila’s markets the past week, urging the government to monitor price movements more closely, as Christmas approaches.

“There’s no reason for the rise in egg prices because the Philippine Egg Board itself was shocked to find out an increase way above the suggested retail price (SRP) of P5 each, despite steady supply and farmgate prices,” Marcos said.

The cost of small eggs has reached more than P6 apiece, with a tray of 30 pieces at P180 or more, instead of SRP’s P150.

“This may be an introductory shock for now, considering it’s not yet December,” Marcos warned.

Also, Marcos said retail prices of chicken spiked anew from last month’s P160 to P180 a kilo while wholesale prices were just at P123 to P128 only.

Marcos said prices of chicken are now pegged at P190 to P200 a kilo.

“Yes, the cost of chicken feed has gone up and chicken production dipped in some parts of Luzon. But the Department of Agriculture has already said the consumption of pork is going back to normal, so chicken prices should not be that steep,” Marcos explained.