Gov. Imee Marcos urges public figures to observe protocols and act with propriety at all times

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ILOCOS NORTE Gov. Imee Marcos today said lawmakers and government officials should follow protocols and behave with propriety as they are under public scrutiny at all times.

The lady governor said members of Congress and other elected officers are not exempted from laws and regulations, particularly those that were instituted to ensure public security and safety especially in crowded places like airports.
Ms. Marcos was at the airport security screening area on Saturday when ACTS OFWs Party List Rep. John Bertiz, subject of a one-minute viral video, allegedly walked through security personnel ignoring instructions to remove his shoes, brandished his NAIA Access Pass, and snatched the ID of the airport screener who called his attention.

“I also went through the same procedure as Cong. Bertiz and I saw nothing wrong with the security personnel instructions who were just doing their job for the safety of airline passengers”, Gov. Imee said, adding that all passengers are required to go through the same security inspection.

She said high government officials and members of Congress are expected to demonstrate good manners and right conduct more so when in public.

“These tight security measures should be commended because they ensure that possible threats from terrorists, drug traffickers, and criminal elements do not slip through airport security” Gov. Marcos said.

She added that government officials and employees should acknowledge that in these days of social media, any display of ‘different’ behavior can be recorded and posted instantly in various social media platforms.

The Bertiz viral video happened as Philippine airports have been put under condition level 2 where passengers are required to take off their shoes for inspection at the last security check.